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Azerbaijani-American Council (AAC)

AAC was founded in 2006, on the sidelines of the first Azerbaijani-American Scholarly Forum held at the University of California Los Angeles. It has been the first nationwide non-profit community advocacy and academic grassroots organization representing the Americans of Azerbaijani descent. Over the past several years of existence, AAC spearheaded a number of educational programs, intercultural dialog and advocacy initiatives at various U.S. and Canadian academic institutions, raising awareness of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani- and Turkic-Americans.


AAC seeks to continuously educate the public about Azerbaijan, to advocate interests of Azerbaijani-Americans and to advance multilateral cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Azerbaijan. AAC works towards this mission by facilitating the engagement of Azerbaijani- and Turkic-Americans in US public life and by fostering cooperation with governmental, non-governmental, academic and other community organizations.

Board of Directors

AAC is governed by the board of seven (7) directors elected on an annual basis.

Azerbaijan Society of America (ASA)


ASA was established in 1957 in New Jersey by the first wave of the post-World War II era Azerbaijani immigrants to the United States.  Many of these settlers represented the generation of Azerbaijan’s first independence and secular democracy (1918-1920), later persecuted and exiled by the Soviet Bolshevik regime. As their homeland remained under the Soviet occupation, the founders of ASA were, in fact, the first Azerbaijani group to raise the national tricolor in North America for nearly 35 years prior to Azerbaijan’s second independence.


ASA seeks to facilitate the representation of Azerbaijani-Americans and to preserve their sense of identity through educational and cultural initiatives; to cultivate cross-cultural partnerships built upon diversity, tolerance and mutual respect; and to contributed towards enhancing ties between the United States and the Republic of Azerbaijan based on shared vision of liberty, secular democracy, the rule of law, global security and open markets.

Board of Directors

ASA is governed by a board of seven (7) directors elected on an annual basis.